Mewanambin Media - His Holiness Aatmananda Lingden's short Biography

Name :- Shyam Bahadur Lingden (Astrological name)
Zodiac Sign : Aquarius / Lagan- Kanya
Famous name : 1955 Jan.6
Birth place : Ivang -5 Dahagun Aagote, Ilam, Nepal
Father : Punya Prasad Lingden
Mother : Chandra Maya ( Shyamjiri) Chemjong
Maternal Uncle's home : Phaktep, Panthar
Grandfather : Tek Bhadur Lingden
Grandmother : Jogmaya Tumbapo
Former Grandfather : Lajharka
Marriage : 2032 B.S. Magh 22 on the day of Basanta Panchami
  Married to Pavitra Hangma Samba, the eldest daughter of Subba Birkhadhoj Samba ( Banjho- 8 Ilam )
Sons : Laxminanda, Bishunanda , Shubhananda , Iksananda, Manahang and Nambinhang
Daughters : Nirmala , Kamala, Urmila, Mamila, Thokphela and Khaseng .Guru family ; Altogether 14 members but two daughters ( Urmila and Khaseng) Passed away. Now -12)
Attaining divine knowledge : At Sadhugupha Phuing, Sanothumka,at the age of 12 where there is the confluence of Devmai, Mai and Mekwa Mai rivers.
Re-attainment of divine Knowledge : At the age of 15/16 Meditation practices for six months in Phullungi.
Desciples : Bhim Bahadur, Dadhiram, Narhang Manbir Lawoti and Bir Bahadur Yongya.
Education : On the first day of school remained silent pointing to the heart and said . I know everything myself. Then he never went to school soft – speaking, less speaking, melodious voice, never losing temper, peaceful habit full of knowledge, omniscient, predictor.

(I) a) Bhavishyavani Pustak – Bhaga-1
(A collection of predictions – part -1 )
b) Pravachan Mala : Bhaga- 1,2,3,4
(Series of sermons : Part – 1,2,3,4 )

There Wishes.
(I) Visit all parts of the world.
(II) Deliver sermon on Philosophy among hundred thousands of disciples.
(III) Die among hundred thousands of disciples in spite of these wishes.

His main aim is to maintain world peace for all human beings and living things.

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BBC News नेपाल - समाचार, भर्खरै प्राप्त समाचार, भिडिओ, विश्लेषण, प्रतिक्रिया | बीबीसी नेपाली

BBC News नेपाल - समाचार, भर्खरै प्राप्त समाचार, भिडिओ, विश्लेषण, प्रतिक्रिया | बीबीसी नेपाली

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