The Prophecies

The Prophecies

            One day, visiting different localities, Tapaswi arrived at Ravi. In the evening, he was in a Kuti (hut) in the forest, surrounded by his disciples, surrounded by his disciples. One of the disciples, ramananda, having understood the crucial time and situation of the country, asked the Tapaswi, “Ongshi, what type of situation will emerge?” Then, Tapaswi in a very melodious voice, said. “There will be no peace in the world. Everywhere, there will be anarchy. The days of comfort and happiness have ended. The world will be infected by miscreants and evil doers; age of sinners will prosper and the people will be as small children (whimsical). The regime of truth (religion) will come to an end. Even the Rana Regime will be ended shortly and then, a chaotic situation will emerge and there will be an unfair competition among the people for administration. There will be instability even in political system of the country. In capable and crooked people will try to rule the country and the dream of an ideal state can never be materialized. The world will witness the victory of falsehood, vice and injustice over the truth and justice.”

            Again, he continued, “However, you shall not get diverted from your faith and path. You shall maintain your rules and ‘Code of conduct’. You shall honour your elders, seniors and pay respect to your respectable Kitts and kins. You shall continue rending services to the poor and miserable mass. You shall continue performing ‘Pajal’ and ‘Sewa’. You shall abandon the company of evil doers and be very continuous in your activities. You shall not object anyone and you shall keep mum or silent in case of any dispute; and, you shall not pt for a fight.”

            “A very bad omen is going to shackle Nepal; it is the time of Agnis Parikchha (Fire Rest) for Nepal and many incidents of bloodshed and killing will take place here.” With these words, he turned towards Remananda and said, “Ramnanda, it seems that our time of departure (from the world) has come. The daughter (Ramananda’s wife) will survive for a few days. We will have to go carrying two bundles of Dharma (good deeds) and Pap (sins) each. Then, after spending some time in the other world, we should try to come back.” Ramnanada reached, “Ongshi, I don’t think we’ll die soon; we both are heartily and healthy.” But, Tapaswi consoled him, “Yes, you’re right, but we, usually, don’t forget our death. We tend to forget about our sure death. It doesn’t take time to break the string of our longevity.” I can see the “Kaal” (death) hovering around, may be due to thirst or hunger. Even in wars, the warriors never expect their death instantly but, they admit it why the really die. Moreover, for death, it is not necessary to get attacked by diseases. There are many reasons for our death. “With these words, the Tapaswi became serious and said clicking in a low tone, “Tehk tehk-tehk-tehk (Tsk..tsk..tsk..tsk.) Ramananda, after our departure, very bad days will come… There will be disharmony amongst your further generation. How pathetic it is…” Then, addressing the assemblage, he advised “See! The most valuable of all the lives is the life of a human being. The deviates (deities) also prefer the life of a human being. Utilize this form of life by doing good deeds. You are born here in this form due to your Tapasya (Penanu) in the previous birth and once again, try to come in the same from (as human beings) in the next birth by utilizing this birth.”

            Once, at the request of Ramananda, tapaswi had predicted about his next birth (reincarnation) in Great China, after 10 years (at the time of great culture movement in China during the Chinese Premier Mao Tse Tung’s regime). He had even predicted about his arrival in Nepal from great China afterwards.

            From time to time, he used to disclose secrets to his close disciples. In one of such occasions, he had disclosed, “What to say more? In fact the great King Nal and Damayanti were my parents, once in the past.”

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