Holy Image Of His Holiness Phalgunanda


A Holy Image Of Muhigum Ongsimang Lingden Phalgunanda

  The No.6 The God's Messenger arrived in the KIRATIs clan since the God created Universe and Earth.
 1 The Birth of the Muhigum Ongsimang  1
 2 The Childhood Days  2
 3 The Age of Adolescence  3
 4 The Life of a Soldier  4
 5 A Visit to Bhutan  5
 6 The Return to the Native land  6
 7 Pilgrimage of “Char Dham” (Four holy Shrine)  7
 8 The Arrival at Chukchinamba (Birth Place)  8
 9  9
 10  10
 11 In Kaveli Manghim (Shrine)  11
 12 The Revelation of the Script  12
 13 The Words (Sound) of Heaven  13
 14 The Message of Truth  14
 15  15
 16 The Rain by Performing Ritual Fire  16
 17 The Control of Landslide  17
 18 The Allegation of a Traitor  18
 19 The Kirati Script and The Book of Karahanda (Practice)  19
 20 The Journey to Kathmandu in Ashad 2001 B.S.  20
 21 The Reformatory Education  21
 22 The Prophecies  22
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