This article will give you idea that Shivaism(worshiping of mother nature) originated from Kirat culture. Just like how Gautama Buddha was from Shakya tribe, Jesus was from Judah tribe and Prophet Muhammad from Quraysh tribe, Shiva was from Kirat tribe.

Kirateswor or Lord of Kirat is better known as "Paruhang" by Rai ethnic community of Nepal and "Hangsam Theba" by the Limbu ethnic community of Nepal.

"TAGERA NINGWA VU MANG" The Great Powerful light the God creator of Universe and all living things works through these God Messengers. They are called  Dev awatar in some cases.

But in Sanskrit he was renamed "Shiva" "Mahadev" "Shanker" and "Rudra" after he was adopted by the Brahmins to bring the non-aryan Kiratas and other tribes into Hinduism.

Here's a Section in Hindu scriptures where it revealed the true identity of Shiva. This was one great mistake the writer of ancient scripture had overlooked.

This section is commonly referred as Kiratarjuniyam(Kirat-Arjun battle) In this story, the Brahmin Vedavyasa told Pandavas brothers that they should pray to Shiva Mahadev Kirateswor and asked for a boon to win the great war (the battle of Kurukshetra) that was to take place very soon. Fill with desire and selfishness to win the war at any cost, Arjun the Aryan commander went to Mount Indrakila to worship Shiva for the special weapon known as "Pasupata Astra" from Shiva.

Pleased with the penance of Arjun, Shiva appears before Arjun in the guise of Kirati hunter of his own tribe. Suddenly, Arjun saw a boar charging at him. Arjun thought that this fierce boar might have come to distract him from his mediation. Thinking this, Arjun picked up his bow and arrow shot at the boar. Meanwhile, Shiva(Kirati hunter) decided to test Arjun so he too shot the arrow at the boar. Shiva's arrow struck the boar in its hindquarters and Arjun's arrow struck the boar in its mouth. The boar fell down dead. A dispute started between Arjun and the hunter about who had killed the boar. Each claimed it for his own. They began to fight. But whatever weapons were hurled by Shiva was easily repelled by Arjun's weapons. When all the weapons were exhausted, the two started to wrestle. After the fight had gone on for a while, Shiva gave up his disguise of a hunter and displayed his true form to Arjun. Arjun became ashamed that he had been fighting with the very person to whom he had been praying.

Please forgive me, said Arjuna.

It is all right, replied Shiva. I was just trying to test you. Your weapons have been like offerings to me, you are my devotee. Tell me, what boon do you desire? Arjun then asked for the special weapon.

Hence Shiva the Great Kirateswor gave Arjun the divine weapon "Pasupata Astra" that made Arjun invincible in the battlefield.

The story that is learn from here is that "Shiva Paruhang Mahadev Kirateswor" does not discriminate but give blessings to anyone who worship him. Though Shiva Paruhang Mahadev is Lord of Kirat, he even gave blessing and his divine weapon to Arjun as shown in the video even knowing the fact that he could be jeopardizing his own Kirat people.

Please note that Yalamber the Kirati warrior king paid the price when he was cunningly killed by Aryan commander Krishna at the battle of Kurukshetra later. This is all mentioned in the great Mahabharata epic.

To support that Shivaism(worshiping of mother nature) did originated from the Kiratas, Professor Sudarshan Raj Tiwari have verified that the historically pre-Christian era Pashupatinath temple have its origin away back to the early Kirat period. Stone sculptures found in the vicinity support the antiquity of this place. The Pashupatinath temple was later renovated and modified during the Licchavi period (330 AD - 600 AD) after overthrowing the Kirat. Pashupatinath temple is surrounded by many other temples like the Kirateswore Mahadev, Bhairav and Guheswori also link to Kirat period. But unfortunately during Malla period, King Jayasthiti Malla (1360 AD -1395 AD) appointed Brahmin priest (Sankaracharya) from south India as the head priest of Pashupathinath temple. The Indian Brahmin priest formulated a religious code named Manav Naya Shastra in 1380 AD, which is the oldest law of the world, where various discriminative laws had been included. This is why the people who are call Dalits(untouchables) are not allowed to enter Pashupatinath temple. The Indian Brahmin priest was also responsible for claiming Nepal to be Hindu nation though Nepalese have their own way of life and culture.

Therefore Nepalese need to realize that Shiva Mahadev Kirateswor do not discriminate but blesses anyone who worship him. The caste system was first introduced into Nepal by the Aryan Licchavi king only after overthrowing the Kirat rule. Then the caste system became more integrated into Nepali society because of Indian priest (Sankaracharya) appointed by the Malla king. When the Rana took control of Nepal, they made it a law. The Shah king continued the tradition of caste system right up to early 1990's.


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