Translation by Pandhak Jeetan

A Holy book- Mundhum

Mundhum is the manifestation of Enlightment, sub-consciousness bless, truth, wisdom, righteousness, peace knowledge, passion and love. Mundhum is the collection of the animistic belief systems, teachings and practices own gods and goddesses, Mun - is the movement and dhum - is the energy which is in the form of motion, ultimately combined together to give immortal holy book i.e. Mundhum kiratis believe in a single almighty Goddess "Tagera Ningwa Bhu Mang”. Who is the creator of universe and living creatures as well. (Tangera Ningwa Bhu Mang)

Ta = Come in all places at all time the form of light
Kegera = Omnipresent
Ningwa = Consciousness
Vu = Source of without beginning or end
Mang = Supreme Goddess of all knowing

As per the Bible Re-Birth again
Legion - join to the sources, similarly our Religion is Samyo
Sam - Immortal Spirit (Where the TAGERA NINGWA BHU MANG dwells)
Yug - The path traces by the true spirit. It Combines and formed samyo. Tagera Ningwa Bhu Mang has manufested and transformed into the Yuma Sammang (Sumnima) and the Theba Sammang (Paruhang). This is the reason why we are all called grandchildren of TAGERA NINGWA BHU MANG almighty Goddess. Because YUMA (Sumnima) in other word meaning grandmother and THEBA (Paruhang) is grandfather, MANGMA and MANG stand for the Goddess and the God respectively.
Yu - which comes infinitely in the form of light
Ma - is the creator of the real life she tries to fructify the character, words, action, thoughts heart and physique Yuma is a happy combination of qualities of heart and heart of its adherents.

As per the Mundhum God is Mennimang Mendhamang Nisse Sekkha Kunomang God is the supernatural which cannot be seen, God cannot be touched, can not be felt her presence but it can be known while worshiping, during prayers and reading religious scriptures by our heart just like air and makes you weep, will be experienced a lot of happiness feelings inside your soul. God's almighty power is tangible commodity, can be touched, would be felt, can be seen and it can be in any form, sizes, capacity. Kiratis do not believe in idol worship, we believe in divinity, soul and pray to the nature such as five (5) life supporting elements beautiful earth (1. Ieeksa khambeque), water (2. Chavat Thungwa), fire (3. Midhung Mirak), air (4. Kejong Sammit or Kejong Surit) and Space (6. Tarangding Tangsang). We can pray every morning and evening offering flower, fruits, burning dried pine twigs and sprinkling Golden and Silver water.

The Kirat religion has been refined and developed during the later half of the ninth century. It is spread in the Eastern part of the Himalayas [presently Nepal and Sikkim]. The development of Kirat religion begin from Sirijunga Hang and Muhigum Ongshimang Lingden Phalgunanda brought drastic changes and handed to the Ongshimang and Ongshimamang. Other religions are talking about usually two soul i.e. spirit and third eye i.e consciousness but as per the concept of Mundhum. Concept of soul in Kirat Samyo Induction are eight soul i.e; Yet-Chamthim:

1. Ni-Sam- The soul of sight
2. Khem-Sam- The soul if hearing
3. Sikkum-Sam- The soul of institution
4. Ningwa-Sam- The soul of mind
5. Thona-Sam- The soul of wisdom/Consciousness
6. Si-Sam- The wandering soul
7. Pung-Sam- The graveyard soul
8. Hang-Sam- The great soul


1) Religion gives birth to the wisdom, wisdom discovers the mysteries of the science, and science dispels the superstition and darkness.
2) Our struggle is not to attain political power or post either, rather it seeks the protection of immortal persistence.
3) The greatest enemies of us are not powerful weapons which destroy the humankind but pride and anger which poison the mind.
4) Human being is the cute creation of the Tagera Ningwa Bhu Mang.
5) Wearing the mask of the religion is not the divinity; transformation of the character into action is the purity.
6) If you are not good at character and then you begin to judge with the same vision.
7) Wisdom or knowledge is like water it can quench the thirst of one and all no one will become the owner of it.
8) Religion, wisdom and science are interrelated to each other.
9) Without knowing your spirit. It is too difficult to know other spirit, therefore try to know yourself at first.
10) Purifying your soul, win the hail of darkness and divinity of the religion.
11) If human beings are the unique creations of the God then don’t let your heart to enter demand spirit.
12) Set your mind ever ready to sow the seeds of perfection.
13) Identify the religion form the inner of your soul.

Translated by Pandhak Jeetan 1
Oh! Kirati followers get up like dawn
Divine songs takes your spirit in heaven
Only one spirit in men and women
Mongolian heart loves the kirati land.
Earth should be govern with peace
Kirati divinity offer eternal bliss
Try to listen message of God
Tagera has send men in the form of lord.
Prayer of God is greater than bomb
Happiness entirely showers from wisdom
Purity of thoughts bloom religion
Human have to sing a song in single time
Let us sing the song the song of love and twinkle like moon
Phalgunanda will up left you soon.

Oh! Tagera Ningwa Bhu Mang Listen to my prayer
I want to love you spiritually and care
Please lit my heart with divine knowledge
Purify my spirit for ages and ages
You have really remove my darkness
Mind and heart joyfully flower in sub consciousness

Smile just like a golden morning
Morning gently touch the heart
Widen the thinking of horizon by learning
Be happy be gentle and be smart
The path of spirituality never ends
Strengthen the bond of intimacy by shaking hands
Oh! God make us kind and great
Giving spiritual butter and bread
Lot every one learn your wisdom
There is only one spirit in different forms
Help us to get path of salivation
Lot every one respect each other and love nation
Let us stop the quarrels and war
So that peace and humanity gently flower
Listen the words of Ongshimang and Ongshimamang
Oh! Protect us Tangera Ningwa Bhu Mang.

Tagera Ningwa Bhu Mang is singing from above
Silently listen to him and heartily love
Openly sing the songs of God
God will come in the form of lord
Oh! Sow the seeds of the wisdom
Kindly pray love your dad and mum
Be loyal, polite and intellectuals
So that in our heart God dwells
Let us do noble deeds
Joining hands to hands success breeds
Let your fame go against egoism
It is the message of Kirat religion
Medication brings spiritual powers
Fight against poverty, illiteracy
And disease for hours and hours

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