Friday, April 18, 2014

Kirati Language Kit - Software Downloads

1. Kirati Language Kit - Software Downloads


This folder contains KIRAT LANGUAGE KIT and any applicable support files. Access to this directory is open to all memmbers who have purchased software and donated subtantial amount of money towards development of related Kirat Literature materials and registered with us. Members Club.

  • A. Members Club

    These Software are available to Club members, or members only. You will need to be a current valid member to be able to view and download these files.

  • Kirati Unicode Language Kit Trial bundled with Keyboard setup instruction for the OS Mac and windows.


    B. Free

    Free Software released by 'Mewanambin Media Communication Group' to use for your own use. Support is only provided for Club members.

 2. Installation

Installation of Kirat Language Kit into your Windows System Computer is easy and straight forward without any glitches.

A. Unpack Zip folder before software installation: Destination folder would be anything that you like to call. Example:- c:\user\padam\downlods\temp <---- This is where you want to extract your Kirat language Kit files before installation.

B. After completion of software installation then follow the below given instructions adding the language and setting up keyboards.

A. Add or change an input language in Windows

B. Change your keyboard layout

C. The Language bar (overview)

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